I started my musical career with piano lessons when I was about 10 years old. It was all classical and I didn’t like it very much, so I quit at 12. At 17, I discovered I could also play things I liked to play, which coincided with my discovery of the music of the 70’s and my emerging Queen addiction.

As a freshman at the University of Technology in Delft, I bought a digital home piano, started to write a few pieces of my own, and started looking for a band. I found some people to play with at a local rehearsal studio. It was a group of 8 people with a female lead singer, where I played piano only (no further keyboards yet) and provided some backing vocals.

We played some covers, but never left the rehearsal studio. After less than a year the group split in two because one half of the group wanted to for a group of their own. I became the lead singer of the other part, and continued on piano. We only played covers and performed very rarely in public. The band broke up in 1993 after some band members had graduated. So in 1994 I was looking for a new band. In the mean time, I had been writing some things for myself and experimented with a synthesizer module.

In 1994 I was accepted as keyboard player in Shyne. This was a band with self-written material, and I needed some serious keyboards, so I made the jump from piano-only to full keyboards. With Shyne I did a fair amount of gigs. It was really my first serious band. Shyne split up in 1995. Together with the guitarist Peter van Heyningen, I briefly joined a band called Wild Ride, but after a few rehearsals it was clear that this was not our cup of tea, so we started a new band called Toyz. In 1996 I called together the former Shyne band members, and we decided to form a Queen cover band with exception of Peter. This band became Miracle which grew to an internationally respected band. Toyz also slowly became more successful, initially with instrumental material, but later also with lead singer Sandra van Adrichem (I provided backing vocals). We recorded some demos at Gerben Klazinga’s studio, who was a friend of Toyz’ bass guitar player Ron van der Bas.

Apparently Gerben liked my vocal qualities, and when I left Toyz in 2002 he asked me to lay down some vocal tracks for the album he was working on, which would later become “The Sun Also Rises”. We both liked the result, and I ended up singing all vocal tracks (except the little piece of Stephanie) on the album. When the album appeared in 2004, I agreed to join the Knight Area band.