Jan Willem Ketelaers,
Born on December 18th, 1971 – Tilburg – The Netherlands

The very first album I listened to was “Dynasty” from KISS, when I was 7 years old. Naturally at first I was especially intrigued by the masks, but during my primary school period I got more and more KISS albums and I really became a fan of their music.

Later on watching TV-shows as MTV’s “Head banger’s Ball” and Super Channel’s “The power hour” my musical interests increased by 80’s metal bands like Poison and Skidrow, but also by symphonic rock bands like Queenryche and Def Leppard, which I really learned to appreciate.

My active musical carrier starts rather late in 1999 when I joined my first cover band. Influenced by the classic rock “upbringing” I started writing my own music at that time as well.

Through the years I’ve been in several bands, from alternative progressive rock bands to classic rock bands.

Since December 2018 I am the lead singer of Dutch progressive metalband Knight Area. With this band I’m working on their seventh studio album about D-Day…