NEW ALBUM OUT! Today we release our new album ‘D-Day 2, The Final Chapter’! It is available as a very nice media book and on all streaming services.
Our first plans were to make an EP but these plans evolved into the realization of a story in music, images and text which we release as a cd format media book. This media book tells the story of veterans who have to pick up their lives after they have been on a military- or peace mission. It is part 2 of our D-Day album but the stories refer to veterans of all time, unfortunately also of today.
We also release the videoclip of ‘Crossroads’, one of the songs of our new album. This song is about the special camaraderie and brotherhood between soldiers, one of the precious and beautiful aspects of being a soldier.

D-Day 2, The Final Chapter:
Produced by Mark Bogert
Recordings by Jan Dekker
Mastered by Peter Brussee
Artwork by Gustavo Sazes
Photography by Frank Diemel
Butler Records Stefan Hayes