Prog Planet Denmark
… and I must say, its been sitting in my cd player ever since!! 5 out of 5

Aardschok Magazine
Highly classified symphonic rock with an international standard

Nearfest Magazine 2005
A great debut with full emotion and power
One of the best in the progressive genre
9 out of 10. “Mega-Awesome CD”

Eclipsed Magazine
The song ‘Mortal Brow’ is on their April sampler CD !

Empire Magazine Germany
One of the highlights of the year 2004
9 out of 10. “This album is not only good; it’s a little short of perfect !”

All songs are of very high quality/Dutch super team

Oor Magazine
A product to be proud of …
CD of the month March 2004/ “A special release in the great tradition”
12 out of 13. “Highly enjoyable !”
5 out of 5. “Very beautiful melodies, highly recommended”

Rock Hard Magazine
Powerful quality

Progressive Newsletter
Very good debut album
4 out of 5. “A grower, lands itself into the stack closest to your stereo”
87 out of 100. “Far more addictive than the best Dutch ‘vegetables’ ”
This album will be placed in the eternal hall of classic prog albums

Martin Orford (IQ/Jadis)
Very impressive album
Enormous album with upper quality sound recording

Hairless Heart Tribune
A new classic, in a word, brilliant

New Horizons
Instantly memorable and highly recommended

Peitersen Webzine
4 out of 5. “An absolute MUST HAVE!”

Sea of Tranquillity Webzine
The musicianship and song writing is top notch
A wet dream for prog lovers

Koid9 Webzine & Magazine
Excellent composed
5 out of 5. “Think 70’s Genesis meets 80’s Asia or Toto”
8.5 out of 10. “Any prog fan should not dare to overlook this…”
It will be certainly on your top ten list of the year
Strong album in every aspect

Axiom of Choice Webzine
A very dynamic and melodic album, competing with IQ and Arena

DPRP Webzine
Highly recommended / for lovers of symphonic and emotional prog

Tales of Wonder Webzine
85 out of 100. “A wonderful album, God bless Holland…”

Planeta Rock Webzine
9 out of 10. “One of the finest sympho albums of the last years”
Let the guys work their magic in your enjoyable prog ride
We love this very refreshing album
4.6 out of 5. “One of the best albums of the last years” (J.Pine)
Brilliant and indispensable work, highly recommendable…
Пинк флойд этот диск будет настояшим подарком……10 из 12
9 out of 10. “You will be very proud having this CD in your collection”

Background Magazine
5 of 5.”I have not heard Pendragon producing such a fine work in ages”
I’m very much impressed with this Knight Area

Colossus Magazine Finland
Powerful album

Ballbuster Hard Music
An impressive end result with bridled power and precision
Very cool, if you love Camel, Genesis, Arena or IQ; check this out!