A Different Man

Hear a wind of change chasing spirits of the past
Ships that pass in the night

See a misty plain of water stirring with each gust
Water lifted by the wind and turning into dust
I come not to seek for answers or look behind closed doors
Please close your eyes when I leave for distant shores
Sail towards the light

I now speak a tongue no one wants to hear
It’s the language of the loner who’s too numb to fear
Do not grieve for me when my ship passes out of sight
For those willing to fight there is no freedom, god or right

Guide me to the place where I want to be
Let the stars light the way across the sea
Traveling on towards foreign shores and sands
Let the waters wash me clean again
Let my body and my mind flow with the tide
And ask the Lady of the Winds to be my bride
Let the new world see a different man
Under a new sign I’ll be born again

Exit L.U.M.C.

Darkest pressure, tiny, vicious creatures lock my sight on you
Guardian angels, please tell me what to do
Falling on my knees I kiss the soil to feel the undertow
Unfamiliar sounds burst out from far below

Becoming the defenceless victim of my fantasy
Gruesome thoughts and fears take control of me
Drawn towards the startling grace of flowers from your charming face
Have to close my eyes, escape this evil maze

Day and night of dreams and fight
A lonely cage to fill my grief, for ever drowned in fright
Watch the shady harbour of tears
The blackest nightfall of the year, the dagger must be near

Creatures move their stunted limbs,
My refugee, where are you now and off the white smoke swims
Let’s break out from this distant gloom
Let’s break out now, yes you are there, released from wicked doom

Oh how I long for home
Sour words so dark and deep
You cited this sanctified poem
More lonely miles ahead of sleep

Our shared belief in fearful flight
Fill my grief with bare delight
The grace of the flower from your face
These mending eyes I won’t erase

Passionate nights, tempestuous tides
Just an ashy absence to my mind…


Tell me master, what I am
What burden I should bear
A tool of virtue in your hands
Fulfill your darkest nightmare

Cry for you
Die for you
Cry with pain
Die… die, die in vain

Reveal the secrets of your mastermind
Show me your sign and light my way

Tell me master, what you play
Am I the pawn, a sentry
In your game of chess, your mystic way
To some day sacrifice me

Cry for you
Die for you
Cry with pain
Die in vain

Return to me my pride
See my lonely fight
Guide me till I see the light

So lead me to your secret paradise
Hidden in the mists of time
Rising to your kingdom in the skies
Whispers from your mastermind

Help me master, while I’m here
Lead me to my redemption
I stand alone in primal fear
Our cities burn with tension

Cry for you
Die for you
Cry with pain
Die… die, die in vain

So lead me to your secret paradise
Hidden in the mists of time
Lead me to your kingdom in the skies
Whispers from your mastermind

Courteous Love

Lay your head down by the sea
Waves are crashing over me
When the tide comes in
You will be in my mind
Every certainty that crumbles in my hands
Was I so blind ?

Misbelief planted the seed
In days we always disagreed
Secrets roofed my fate
You will be in my mind
Visions in the dark
A God without remorse
Was left behind

Oh God of all, please hear my prayer
Merged in flows of cold despair
A cry for help to my friend
Forbidden colours, heaven-sent

Skilled in habits how to hide
Persisting in reflecting pride
Come down to this soil
You will be in my mind
Let me feel your warmth
The luster of your eyes
Was I so blind?

For some odd cause from far above
Deprived of poise and courteous love


Dream, dream away
Dance on the thread of reality
A web of possibilities
Caught in the light of dawn

Soothing memories
The heart is the fountain
The mind shifts shape
And leaves the body trembling
Drifting through the shadows
Dissolving into shades
Of a blackened dark existence
An unknown, untold past…

Hand in the water
The water of the wishing well
Wrinkles turn to waves
Like a butterfly and a hurricane

Weaver of dreams
Waiting for the seventh wave
The wave of hope
I lost my sense of time
Fray of madness
Fabric of time starts to rip on the edges
Unravel at the fringes

My demon’s on the loose
Fears that crush my dreams
Caught up in my own anxiety
Walls of repressed emotions
Leading me round and round
Looking for a way out of this labyrinth

You were always there
Ready to disentangle
Free me from the halter
I knotted it in my dreams

Hands that search for grip
Stirring the sands of time
Caught up in my own anxiety
Your hand was there
Taking me by the shoulder
Just before the dawn you broke the spell

You were always there
Ready to disentangle
Free me from the halter
I knotted it in my dreams

Colours fade from the curtains
Like a kaleidoscope of images projected
On the walls that start to crumble
Pressed into existence
Tears bleeding from a picture frame
A hand no longer there
Your side of the bed cold
A morning call left unspoken

A Different Man Part II

I can’t remember ecstasy, I could not comprehend
She headed for the big escape, suffering till the end
Grimness is your fate
Destroy your blind hate

The sense of daze from injury, the crypt of hidden fears
Though bitter nights spent shivering, to fly from frozen tears
Grimness is your fate
Tear down your blind hate

Your straight lies confound me, my wisdom is in vain

Observe the storms displace, my screams are all in vain
More fools dream at dawn
Go down, you’re my swan

I’d like to think I know you
Like I think I know myself
You’d be forever part of me
You’d be my other half
We’d live our lives together
Forever you and me
Together we would rule the world
And sail the seven seas
We would go down the same road
And share every dusty mile
Each day we’d see the sun rise
And kiss the morning with a smile
But now you chose your own path
And left this mortal place
You’re out of reach forever
Leave only empty space