All about jazz USA
Fans of Genesis and other classic rock bands should welcome this outing with open arms

Aardschok magazine NL
International performance; almost perfect, 88 out of 100

Oor NL
One band, one great album, one goal – highest quality in prog music, thanks Gerben!

Progwereld NL
Same level as ‘Script For A Jesters Tear’ or ‘The Wake’, let the world know !

Prog Nose BE
With this album Knight Area is ready to conquer the world 9 out of 10

Bright Eyes GE
Very near to the great ones of this earth, 10 out of 13

Grandiose guitar solo’s that Nick Barrett would be proud of… of 8 out of 10

Radio Philadelphia USA
Excellent ! Keep up the great work. Bless you guys, you sound great on this

Music Maker NL
World production and performance, absolute sympho heaven

Rob DaLuca (director): Very strong release, a top-shelf hard-edged symphonic prog effort

Ytsajam USA
This album is bold and filled with melodic gusto & bravado, 4.5 out of 5

iO-pages NL
Cream of the Crop (‘Vette Krent’)

My Revelations GE
For me this album is a standard work in the progressive rock world, 12 out of 15

Sea of Tranquillity USA
Vibrant, well-paced and melancholic (great cello solo), 4 out of 5

Nationaal Pop Instituut NL
We are proud to have such a great band in the Netherlands, heavenly !

Metal Zone IT
This is Genesis with a new vocalist, what a passion! 95 0ut of 100

The Dividing Line USA
Majestic symphonic rock with a decidedly modern progressive twist. Highly Recommended!

Radio Caroline UK
Love this Knight Area…

Metal Inside GE
Quality album indeed, but we prefer “The Sun Also Rises”

Lords of Metal NL
High class prog, 9 out of 10

Progressive Ears USA
Great flights of symphonic bliss; run to get this Knight Area album!

Plato Music NL
Extremely melodic and nice prog; Taurus with Mellotron – great!

Progarchives CA
Lush choir-mellotron and howling guitar solo’s, this is prog heaven, goose bumps!

Prog Naut USA
Get ‘Under A New Sign’ as soon as possible. It gets a very recommended status from me

Proggies CH
NeoProg at its best!! Steht ihr drauf – Kaufrausch !!

Tarkus BE
Are you going insane listening to Ice from Camel…? Well, try this ! 9 out of 10

Stormbringer AT
Listen to the genius ‘Mastermind’ !!! 4 out of 5

Progressive Waves FR
Les belles compositions sont interprétées par des musiciens talentueux. 8 de 10

Unprogged IT
C’è poco da aggiungere arrivati a questo punto, “Under a New Sign” è un grande album

Bergkeller GE
Den hohen Standard den sich die Band mit ‘The Sun’ gesetzt hat wird bei weitem übertrifft

Keys and Chords BE
De CD doet denken aan de allergrootsten, zoals Marillion, Genesis en Pendragon

Magic Fire Music FR
Production superbe. Ils sont incroyables. Bien de cette année tout simplement. 18 de 20

Zware Metalen NL
This is absolute a most beautiful album; warm and certainly recommended ! 87 from 100

Planeta Rock AR
Extremely recommendable disc and one of the best ones of the year. 95 from 100

Babyblaue-seiten GE
Specially made for me: dark blue overwhelming splendour Prog in full production

Power Metal DK
A big step forward. Good songs, excellent musicianship, great production 80 0f 100

Progressive Area FR
Good prog album with some pearls of tracks. Worth to follow these guys 7.5 from 10

Regazzi Music GE
You easily may ignore this Knight Area

File Under NL
Great compositions. It’s a pleasure listening to and yes, they have a real flute player !

Idioglassia GE
A real classical way of playing like Arena 9 out of 15

Very good progressive album with wonderful melodies 5 out of 5

Hardsound IT
Excellent album, must be in your collection: top production and artwork 80 out of 100

Behind The Veil GR
I think that their music can say more than a thousand words 85 out of 100

RevelationZ Mag DK
This album is surely is a trip worth taking, 7 0ut of 10

Prog Planet DK
Do I like this Dutch prog group? Well actually I do! These guys know their stuff! 4 out of 5

Metal Roxx GE
Fans of symphonic bombast will like the album with some classical arrangements 2.5 of 5

Music Scan GE
Do you like Threshold, Enchant and other British Prog bands, try this album 6 out of 10

Rock Times GE
This album is a absolute must-have for melodic rock lovers; volcano’s of bombast

Metal Mule SP
Very good album in the vein of Ayreon and Transatlantic

Walls of Fire GE
Fans of Marillion, IQ and Pendragon will enjoy this album 3.5 out of 5

Medien Info GE
Genesis meets Dream Theather, check this out, you won’t regret it

King Asshole GE
Pathos ohne Ende, Neoprogrock mit vielen Kitschelementen 5 out of 10

Metal Info GE
This band is certainly growing 8 out of 10

Music in Belgium BE
O.k. this band is still listening to IQ and Arena, but there’s much more maturity 4 out of 5
Home of Rock GE
This is done before, but man, listen to these melodies from heaven!

Koid’9 FR
An album to listen to over and over again ! (review in the magazine of June)

Night Quest RU
Wonderful album, reminds me of the old Pink Floyd, where can I find their first album?

Sensorium IT
This is surely the utter top of neo prog!

Napalmpeet NL
The Knights are coming again with a wonderful album

Classic Rock Newswire UK
A definite one for fans of classic/neo prog rock. ‘Mastermind’ will have you in heaven

Power Metal GE
Eine mehr als lohnenswerte Angelegenheit für alle Fans des progressiven Rocks. Stark

Hardsounds IT
Here’s another great album from Meastro Klazinga and his melodic gang 80 from 100

Metal Revolution DK
Mystical and beautiful lyrics that colour the rest of the record 74 from 100

Mlwz Ceti Pl
Ale od dłuższego czasu jestem nim prawdziwie zauroczony

Class Rock Revisited USA
Too many cooks spoil the broth, but does the same rule apply to rock bands? 2.5 from 5

Live 4 Metal UK
Well metal- and prog friends, we here have made some space for this album on our shelf

Music Venue GE
Wenn die Keyboard-Parts etwas anders eingesetzt worden wären hätte ich 9/10 gegeben

Metal Perspective GR
Very good production, offering pleasant moments of listening 7.5 of 10

Imhotep FI
Song writing and playing fills much of the album with a 1970’s epic feel 4 out of 6

The Mayfair Mall Zine UK
Beginning of new era of progressive rock. They reign above all that has gone before them.

USA Prog Music USA
Solid musicians, and obviously take a lot of pride in what they do, check out ! 8 of 10

Digital Steel NL
This album is definitely one of the best albums I’ve heard the last few years 95 from 100

Marios Metal Mania NL
Definitely a good listen for the fans of the prog genre, 70 from 100

Imperium FI
“Enkös minä ole kuullutkin tämän jo joskus vuosia aiemmin?” 7 from 10

Sonic Bond UK
This might just be one of the prog “sleeper” hits of the year.

Bietnet NL
Wat een ongekende bombast, het kan niet op met de euforie.

The Streets Metal NO
The song material is very good with a beautiful atmosphere 8 out of 10

Shapeless Zine IT
you will find class, elegance and refinement on this great album 8 out of 10

Coup de Coeur FR
Symphonique, mélodique, très bien chanté, gorgé de solos de guitare…. 2.5 out of 3

Hmas USA
As I said this is quality stuff in every area 6 out of 10

Benzoworld IT
An album that can be listened, but it will not change your life 65 from 100

Melodicpia JP
4 out of 5

Heavy Metal DK
Og jeg tror at Knight Area kunne ende op med noget virkeligt fedt 7 of 10

Elstruppejtersen DK
This is an absolute classic…! 5 out of 5

Roughedge USA
Killer. Not a classic but it will rock your world. 3 out of 4

Obliveon GE
Unbestritten sind alle Musiker echte Könner 6 out of 10

Musea FR
Here you have a great traditional work.

Room Thirteen UK
The Cellos, flutes and general orchestration are kept to a tasteful minimum 8 of 13

Tales of Wonder IT
And believe me, you’ll love their music 85 of 100

Maelstrom Zine USA
But can sissiness and greatness co-exist in harmony? You better believe it 8.5 out of 10

Het Kasteel NL
De progressive metalband Knight Area is niet voor niets aan het doorbreken in de VS

Sorel Tracey CA
Grandiose et symphonique parsemée sublimes avec une tres bonne voix. Super!!!

The May Fairmall Zine UK
The band will conquer its merry heights to reign above all that has gone before them.

Metal Team UK UK
I would say this would be THE ideal record to explore this wonderful world

Prog Mania FR
Il vaut le détour pas sa beauté intrinsèque et les 50 minutes passent très vite

Progression Mag USA
This album is constantly excellent (spring/summer edition 2007) 15.5 of 20 points

Vampire Magazine NL
Knight Area released an extremely enjoyable follow-up album

Revolution Music DK
Rock som er meget uenige med mig, men det kan jeg nok lære at leve med! 1.5 from 6

Musiques Chroniques FR
Il est à parier qu’on va rapidement entendre parler d’eux !! A découvrir 4 de 6

Progressor UZ
and I’m pretty sure this CD will transport all fans of neo-prog to heaven 5 out of 5

Heavy Metal Universe FR
and all these ingredients make KNIGHT AREA a major band on the prog rock scene 4 of 5

Vampster GE
Sehr atmosphärisch, sehr “klassisch”, sehr gefühlvoll.

Dangerdog USA
I enjoyed it immensely; I think you will too 4.5 out of 5.0

Nationaal Popinstituut NL
We are very proud of this national top band! Progressive rock on it’s best!

Metalist Magazine IL
4 out of 5

Dragon Jazz FR
Fans of the traditional way of progressive rock will admire this album highly

Background Magazine NL
Cream of the Crop; same high level as Genesis, Camel, Yes and Glass Hammer 5 0f 5

Dreun BE
Wow, this is a new injection for prog music, perfect audio mix

Competent song writing and strong musicianship that will draw fans of the genre back to it

Medien Info GE
Auf alle Fälle für jeden Fan symphonischer Rockklänge ein echter auditiver Leckerbissen.

Heavy Law FR
The perfect blend of old school prog married to modern production techniques

Specially Drowned SP
… excelente banda de Neo nos da este segundo material como muestra